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Good rigorous books on QM

  1. May 4, 2016 #1
    Upon searching in this forum, i have found discussions about the standard undergraduate textbooks on QM not being so good in teaching you the foundations properly. A good example is the difference between Hermitian and self-adjoint operators. Some people are saying that we should study QM from a more mathematically rigorous(from the point of view of functional analysis) textbook.
    So, do you have any suggestion?
    I found Ballentine's book very good.
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    George Jones

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    Hello! But from other posts i thought that your opinion on the matter is that it is good to also see things from the functional analysis perspective. I think you had commented that the popular and standard textbooks on QM are not so good.
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    Anton Capri - Nonrelativistic Quantum Mechanics and Galindo & Pascual - Quantum Mechanics are my favorite (i.e. mathematically sound) textbooks.
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