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Good SAT books

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    I want to try and get as much practice as possible in all the three sections of the new SAT (CR Math and Writing). I already have a test book. RIght now I am looking for good workbooks for all the three sections. What workbooks would you recommend for the new SAT? IS Kaplan good?

    Thanks a lot
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    I don't know about the new ones, but two years ago when I did the SAT it was a given that the two best books you could get were "Ten Real SATs" by the Collegeboard (people who cobble together the SAT) and what the Princeton Review puts out. Kaplan's alright as well, but the point of the workbooks is you want one that has a full test where you can sit down and do a section while timing yourself and see how you do. The key to the SAT is learning how to take it and getting used to it, and I doubt that aspect of it has changed at all.
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    Ah, I'm not sure about the writing section.. I've only taken the old SAT.

    First of all, buy any book published by the College Board with real practice tests -- this is undoubledly the best way to practice. All the other books put out by test prep companies are about the same, but by prefrence, I usually choose PR.
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