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Good science fiction shows?

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    This seems like the appropriate forum to ask and get a decent reply. I have watches every star trek except for the original and enterprise (I gave the original a shot but the first two episodes were horrible). I really liked TNG, the action parts of DS9, and the borg parts of Voyager. I saw the new V and Battlestar Galactica, I tried to watch the originals of those two, but they are too dated for my taste. Obviously I have seen Firefly too. What are some other great space-adventures that aren't too terrible? What are your favorite scifi shows? I need something to watch!
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    Have you tried looking at what SyFy has to offer? It was a favorite whenever we could get it.
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    Doctor Who.
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    Farscape isn't TOO terrible... (apparently - haven't watched it myself)

    Also if you don't mind non-space-based, pseudo-science-fiction / drama / thriller then Fringe is enjoyable.
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    The SyFy channel has devolved into the "ScoobyDoo" channel IMNSHO, very little Science Fiction, mostly consisting of bad made-for-TV monster movies. The rest is horror and ghost stories and bad Steven King novels...OH! and wrastlin' of all things!
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    The new Battlestar Gallactica is good. When I first saw it my thought was that someone had decided to take the absolute worst SciFic series ever made and redo it for adults.

    Don't know if it's on in reruns anywhere these days
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    It's on BBC America on Saturday evening. I agree SyFy channel is (mostly) crap, but if you don't mind science FICTION, then give Warehouse 13 and Eureka a try (though they only run during the summer schedule).
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    What about Fox News??
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    Dr. Who > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Torchwood" [Broken]

    Torchwood is a Dr.Who Spin off in the UK aimed at an older audience. I've only seen a couple of episodes from the forth series and they were quite good. Will probably watch them all. Apparently The Doctor appears in a couple of episodes too.
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    Torchwood isn't as good as Doctor Who, IMO. Anyway, they almost never go into space on Torchwood, just fight aliens in Wales (and america), and space is what the OP is looking for.

    By the way, it's Doctor Who, not Dr. Who. It can't be abbreivated to Dr. because it is a name, not a title. I'd rather you'd call it DoctorW or DW or Who.
    Just me being a pernickety Doctor Who geek. :wink:
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    I would second some of those already mentioned... Torchwood, Warehouse13, Eureka, and Fringe. They are all pretty much tongue in cheek with Fringe being the one that actually has some serious drama in it. Eureka is one of my favourites, you just have to get passed the cheesiness of it and it becomes a fun show.

    Since you watched Battlestar you might also like Caprica. Unfortunately it only had one season before it was tanked.

    Dollhouse is a Joss Weadon (Firefly) series but unfortunately most people don't like it and so it got tanked after one season. If you check it out you may enjoy it but don't expect it to be like Firefly. edit: actually there may have been two seasons now that I think of it.

    Journeyman was a one season show as well. It's sort of a rip off of Quantum Leap but I enjoyed it.

    If you like super hero shows "Syfy" came out with a new one called Alphas. They attempt to "scientifically" explain the super powers which is probably the worst part of it. It is pretty cheesy but it can be fun.

    Another super hero one which is much better is a British show called Misfits. It is a very funny show. The "heroes" are more like anti-heroes being "troubled" kids who got their powers in a strange storm while doing community service together.
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    For me extra thing makes alphas fun, if you don't think about it much, are the references to Binghamton. As in: nothing could be more horrifying than being sent to Binghamton (of course they mean a human research facility there). But I grew up in Binghamton and couldn't wait to get out, so these references are literally true for me (I would be horrified at being forced to live in Binghamton).
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    Alphas is OK, but it's a bit of a cheap ripoff of Heroes (which may itself be an X-Men ripoff). Heroes is definitely better in the beginning.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Babylon_5" [Broken] is worth a look.

    for general silliness, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space_Truckers" [Broken]. (a movie, and might be too terrible)

    for animated, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghost_in_the_Shell:_Stand_Alone_Complex" [Broken]
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    Alphas has two extremely annoying characters, Gary, ugh, I want to stuff a sock in his mouth, and that whimpy, whiney Dr. I watched the first few shows, then could no longer tolerate those two. And the old Dr was wearing a speedo? :surprised
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    Syfy (the new name still bugs me) really don't show decent stuff anymore.

    Anyway a small list to try:

    Stargate SG1
    Stargate Atlantis
    Stargate Universe
    Red Dwarf :)
    Babylon 5
    Quantum Leap
    Lost in Space
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    Ah well, that's where personal background changes things (besides being so amused whenever they mention Binghamton). I agree about the doctor, but Gary reminds me so much of my daughter who has the same disorder only much worse (but with savant calendar skills), and says similar things with similar mannerisms. So dislike Gary->dislike my daughter->not conceivable for me. Instead, love daughter->Gary is amusing, love seeing a character like that on TV.
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    Can't help but chime in that Lost in Space and Quantum Leap were two of the very rare sci fi shows that made me ill to watch.
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    I watched Quantum leap when it originally aired, it was good imo.

    As far as Stargate goes, I have seen SG-1, the Movie, and SGU. I could never get into watching Atlantis. It was just so corny, not-related to the Stargate franchise, sort of like a low budget spinoff with new writers.

    I sort of like Haven, Warehouse 13 has it's moments, but virtually everything else on Syfy (silly spelling!) I cannot tolerate watching. Including Alphas :yuck:

    I might have to check out Dr. Who. I never watched the original growing up, hopefully that isn't a pre-requisite for the new series.

    Someone suggested I watch Babylon 5, but the few episodes that I watched were all about indoors space drama with newly introduced characters. Sort of like how on some Star Trek episodes they would introduce a new character that has apparently been on the ship since the beginning, but never mentioned before, then we are supposed to mourn the characters death or be interested in their unusual interaction with a recurring cast member even though from our perspective those two people have never met before.
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