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Good Science Magazine

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    Hey all, what's a good Science magazine to subscribe to?
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    How about the obvious, Science Magazine? :biggrin: (From the publishers of Science, the journal).

    Physics Today (published by the APS) is the only one I read regularly. It's a great, general-physics exposition of interesting research, a lot of which is very relevant to real life ("Thermodynamics of Hurricanes", "Stability of Bicycles"). Then, there is a lot of general-audience science news in the first 20-30 pages of both Science and Nature, which are presitigious journals of a very broad scope.

    After those, there are two decent popular magazines, Discover, and Scientific American. SciAm is somewhat inconsistent in quality, especially when they venture into theoretical physics; there they aim to impress and entertain, rather than inform.

    Popular Science is mainly technology-oriented, so I won't mention it.

    Finally you get sensationalist drivel like New Scientist, which is a "non peer-revied journal" (:uhh:) and a regular forum for crackpottery.
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    I subscribed to the weekly publication Science News for years, and read it cover-to-cover. It's a pretty quick read, and well done. Here's their website for more info:

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    I like New Scientist - it's very amusing, which is important if you're an ADHD sufferer like I think I am. I wouldn't call anyone there a crackpot, they're just normal (eccentric) Brits.
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