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Good Searching Advice

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    I came across an editorial on internet searching in relation to the engineer. I think it applies very well to the entirety of PF, especially to those who may be a bit daunted when they are told to go to Google.

    The entire article is here:
    http://www.designnews.com/blog/1130000113.html [Broken]

    I think this article is worth the read for everyone. I tend to do a fair amount of searching and have gotten to a reasonable level of success. However, I have had to try a lot of different things.

    Hopefully some people who are frustrated with trying to find technical information can get a little insight in how to be more successful in their searching.
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    I definitely agree. Part of the problem is that there are so many sites with 'similar' information, but not quite right. One then has to sift through the chaffe to get the grains, or the dirt to get to the nuggets.

    I try to be very specific with "keywords","and combinations" in order to narrow down as much as possible.

    It also helps to know specific sites.

    Thanks for the post Fred.
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