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Good solubility database?

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    Do you have any suggestion for a good solubility database? I tried IUPAC-NIST but I can't find the data I need there (water-toluene, water-hexane, water-MEK mixtures at 40°C). I am also looking for the densities of the pure solvents at 40°C.

    Thank you
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    First approximation? "Not?" Ditto water-hexane. Water-MEK is infinitely miscible.
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    Dear Bystander,
    Thank you fro your answer. I am looking for actual values.
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    Here a really good book on the topic:

    Yalkowsky, Samuel H., Yan He, and Parijat Jain. Handbook of aqueous solubility data. CRC press, 2010.
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