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Good statistics book

  1. Oct 29, 2006 #1
    Is there a good statistics book that is the equivalent of Stewart for Calculus in terms of level and theory?

    I am probably going to retake stat in the math department at some point (or not), but want to know if such a book exists. By and large, the stat books I have thumbed through are garbage.
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    go with a book on probability, thats the theory behind statistics
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    A Primer to Probability
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    Probability? I dont want probability.
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    I took a statistics class last year and we covered a lot of things from really basic stuff to some mind-boggling intense stuff. The textbook that we used for our class was [bold]A First Course in Probability[/bold] by [bold]Sheldon Ross[/bold] (don't mind the name, its actually a book on statistics ). I haven't looked at a lot of statistics books, but I seriously loved this book. Very clear and concise. It is one of those books that you might actually feel like reading.
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    Umm, you expect to learn statistics without learning probability? Statistics IS probability, at least the non-grabage part is.
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