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Good Tensor Analysis text

  1. Dec 13, 2011 #1

    Does anyone know of a REALLY good tensor analysis text. I am a chemical engineer who is working on a masters in EE and would like a text that covers fluids applications as well as rank 3 EE applications and even some rank 4 general relativity would be nice to see.

    It would also be nice to see some rank 3 tensors in a 3D matrix to start with before jumping into indexes which can have confusing notation.

    Hopefully someone can let me know of some really good texts that can take me from advanced engineering math (the highest math I have completed) and take me into tensors.

    I have looked on amazon as well but am still unsure.
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    Thank you, that is perfect. I figure I will get the index method down but it would be nice to see the full blown rank 3 matrix at least on the front end so I can reference it if I get confused later on. For that price I may also get the fluids specific paper back text as well.

    I love these little books, hopefully this is on par with grad div curl which saved my behind in the 2 semester series of 300 level E&M.

    Would this also help me understand ramian geometry and manifold theory?
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