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Good textbook for relativity?

  1. Apr 24, 2012 #1
    I'm trying to find a textbook I can download that covers GR and SR and includes practice problems so I can test myself. Naturally, answers would need to be included so I can check my answers.
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    Well I don't know where are you from, but here in my country a good start for SR would be a high school manual, i'll study SR in the 12 grade and you can find problems there.After that or even along side that i would recommend Theory of Relativity for everyone written by Einstein himself(I hope i translated the title correctly).
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    Motionmountain vol.II Relativity has partial answers included.

    PS here's a link to Einstein book "relativity" (regretfully it contains no exercises):
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    I would go with Taylor/Wheeler's Spacetime physics for SR, and Schutz for GR.
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    I can recommend a book by one of my previous professors amazon link. It's part of the oxford masters series but don't let that intimidate you because it's definitely undergraduate level. It's a very good book and all or most answers are provided as far as I know.

    Alternatively there's Hartle amazon link. While full solutions aren't included, there are a lot of examples in the book. And while it's meant as an undergraduate book, I still turned to it quite frequently when I took GR in grad school because explanations were so clear.
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