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Good universities in Toronto

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    I was wondering what good universities are there in Tornto that teaches Astrophysics well. I really want to explore that field :D

    Thanks in advance mates o:)
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    ^^See if their programme fits what you are looking for. U of T is supposed to be one of the best in Canada, it often ranks high in the Macleans magazine rankings, not that I believe those rankings are worth anything. Nevertheless, I think it is a good school. I don't live in Ontario, but hopefully someone who has experienced this department firsthand can help you out, I know there are a few taking Physics in Toronto here on PF.
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    i have a friend in the astronomy & physics program at u of t and another at york, and these are the only 2 noteworthy universities in toronto when it comes to this subject.

    the one at york claims that their physics program is one of, if not the best in canada. he said all the profs are extremely approachable and amazing.

    on the other hand, im in 2nd year dbl major math+econ at york and i hate it... but then again thats not physics+astronomy...

    im thinking of switching into physics+astronomy either at york or to transfer to U of T and i cant decide which one. im pretty much in the same position as u live4ever except i need guidance as to whether or not i should switch out of what i am doing, and if so.. to which of the two schools?!?!

    i havent asked my friend at u of t how he feels about it, but I always had this image in my mind that U of T is better...

    if ANYONE can PLEASE help me out with this it would help me soo much!!
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    if you want fantastic profs and great experiences, go to U of Waterloo. The whole city of Waterloo is a student town. I love it becuase of its freedom in research and easy access to labs. The professors are wicked and love to joke around. They are soo approachable and easy to talk to. U of T is a good school as well, but I would say waterloo is better in that it is more free to do abstract research. York on the other hand, I have never heard of york being a good physics school in my life. The only great program York has, that I have heard of is the Shoolig School of Business. I might be mistaken.


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    U of T and York are really the only two options in the city.... But if you're willing to go out of the city Waterloo and McMaster both have good astro programs. Waterloo and U of T probably have the best undergrad programs and McMaster and U of T have the best graduate programs.

    How familiar are you with the city of Toronto?
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    like oedipa said Toronto only has two universities unless you count ryerson but its mostly a tech school.

    Waterloo is in Kitchener-Waterloo: i wasn't aware that they had an astro program but they are fundamentally strong in math and somewhate in physics.

    McMaster is in Hamilton: has a decent astrophysics programme if your good at talking wiht profs...and they have a really good Graduate programme & they are apart of SHARCNET if you plan to do any HPC simulations.

    UoT is probalbly your best bet for astrophysics but Mac's decent, their profs are really good.

    York has a pretty good earth & space sciences programmes from what I read awhile back.
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    Hey leafs4life, have you looked to see what sort of grades/coursework you need to transfer to U of T? What is making you unhappy with your studies right now?
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    When comparing ryerson graduates among other graduates, employers know that ryerson graduates have more hands-on experience and will be better equipped as workers. When i was at University of Toronto a Ryerson University student was tutoring me in how to build a certain circuit since they had much more laboratory practice than i had and seemed so much more knowledgeable in how the equipment operated as well as the electrical components. University of Toronto is deemed to be a university with too much theoretical knowledge that does less for one in the actual work place.
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    waterloo has PI (premier institute for physics) and have IQC (quantum computing)

    I just wanted to bump this thread because I will be applying to university this year
    and I want to make good decision

    Not to hijack the thread or anything but if I wanted to pursue my BSc all the way to Phd,
    in Physics which university should I pursue for undergrad and which one for grad?
    Out of Mcmaster, waterloo, toronto
    (I am interested in cosmology and theoretical physics string theory and unified field theory ----yeah, I read lots of popular science books..tehe)
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