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Goodbye 2011 HELLO 2012

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    Well first of all, let me say that seeing “2012” as “Post Dates” on the forum still seems a little weird to me. Now, are any of you going to miss 2011? I personally know that 2011 was the worst year academically of my entire life. This is no exaggeration either, it was literally horrible. It was the “chunk” of my first year in college, even my first quarter in 2010 was much better. So I for one am glad that 2011 is gone and 2012 is here. I’ve made it my duty, not a goal, to truly challenge myself. The past year made me feel for lack of better words “very stupid” and I know I am not. So, I plan to truly focus on my education and luckily for me, it seems my classes will be more interesting (subjects that interest me more).

    So there’s my jibber jabbing. Do any of you feel you will miss 2011, or are you looking forward to the new year? Feel free to “rant” as I have, as to why you will miss the old year, look forward to the new year, or both.
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    I personally do not associate bad events in my life with the quality of the current year. In other words, I wouldn't say that if a family member died in 2010 that the year 2010 was horrible.
    If I have to make drastic changes in my life, I wouldn't wait for a new year to plan the changes.
    I do not miss 2011 nor do I especially like 2012.
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    The year I was born was the worst year of my life. If things continue on at the current pace, then the year I die will be the best.
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    I like Serena

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    There is a cycle to life... you start your life in diapers and you end your life in diapers...
    Unless of course you plan to die before your time.
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