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Goodbye and so long

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    I am a junior CS & Math student at UMass. My GPA is 3.9. I liked these forums and felt I had something to contribute.

    I'm leaving these forums. In the past year I made over 1000 posts in my time here and someone thought I was deserving of the badge Science Advisor. I helped many people with their homework assignments, had many discussions that I thought were interesting, but I have been attacked and recently banned for 3 days for making a true statement about SHARP. I am sorry.

    Information on SHARP may be found here. I was banned for claiming they are who they claim to be, namely skinheads. Also Evo has felt that I was unreasonable. I have to agree that I may have crossed the line when I wondered if she was opposed to free speech, though I tried to be as polite there as I could. But nothing else I said seems unreasonable to me. I guess you will have to judge for yourself, but I'm not coming back. It is too hostile here.


    This makes me very sad.

    By the way, I am not a skinhead, in case anyone got that impression.

    evo wants me to leave. I am going to. Why would I stay in a place where powerful people hate me? I am not a troll.

    This makes me very sad. But I will find other things to do with my time.



    Science is what we understand well enough to explain to a computer. Art is everything else we do. --Donald Knuth
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    I gave you a 3 day vacation to stop and think about how you falsify arguments. You make a statement, then google to see if you can back it up. You create strawman arguments. You put words into people's mouths that clearly are not their intent. When this is pointed out to you,you press on with your fallacious arguments.

    You are welcome here, but you need to stop making things up. If you can't argue against what someone actually says, then don't.

    You have a 3 day cooling off period. Think about it. I'm not opposed to further discussion on this.
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    He'll be back, they always come back, muhhaahhahahahhahaahah.
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    I gotta add one thing, when we were discussing a thread in the past (the tazing at UCLA (Please don't bring it back up, lol) you were doing the same thing that you did in the imam thread. You kept insisting that other people were not understanding your questions/responses and twisted a lot of words. So while I didn't really take offense or anything, it made it impossible to discuss/debate it with you.

    I am definitely not saying you are a troll, but in some respects you acted like one, right? Insisting 3 times that people did not 'understand' your question is crazy dude. I just thought that I would remind you that you did the same thing recently and perhaps this issue has built up over a few threads. Anyways, I hope to see you back/get to know you, I think that you can solve this problem quite easily.
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    Better to just avoid the politics forum; there are a bunch of nuts there that never discuss anything in a civilized manner, and more often than not "discussions" turn into huge flame wars.
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    Whoa, this discussion isnt about me buddy. Stay on topic.
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    Fools rush in where angels fear to tread


    Foolish people are often reckless, attempting feats that the wise avoid. This saying is from “An Essay on Criticism,” by Alexander Pope.

    Wait,that's my forum... :frown:
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    Everything is about you :smile: And by the way, you are not gold anymore :eek:
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    :bugeye: It can't have been a year already????
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