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Goodbye Old Friend!

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    So today I was tinkering on my 1987 Yamaha Razz (50cc scooter that I want(ed) to turn into a minibike) when around 18:00 hours I had the spark plug out of the cylinder but plugged into the spark plug wire boot and was testing for spark when it burst into flames! So I'm like "Sh!t, sh!t, what the f^@*" so I grab the can of carb cleaner and the gallon of gas I had sitting nearby and run them about 20 feet away. Then I run back through our yard (this took place on a concrete pad in our back backyard) and hop a fence to turn the water on before running back. By the time I make it back the flames are about 3 feet high, so I throw on the water and get the fire out. Assesing the damage I find some tubes to be beyond repair as well as the wiring harness partially melted, along with widespread charring. After a bit of kicking to remove most of the water and a few hearty squirts of carb cleaner I got it to fire up again. I think I will give up the minibike dream and begin taking it apart and cleaning the good parts to sell on Ebay. Mind you I got this scooter at a garage sale for $9.
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    It was a bargain. Now it's a potential project.
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    Nah, it was a project before, and missing parts too. It'll make me money now!
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