Goodbye Yahoo, hello virus?

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My Yahoo is changing their site to the point that, after 12+ years, I have decided to leave. After many searches for a replacement, I finally ran across a site called that has much of what I had with Yahoo. My concern is that a Google search on uStart returned a lot of hits about it being a virus. From what I read, it sounds like there is a toolbar addon on the internet that is the real culprit and not the site itself. I never install toolbars so I'm not too concerned if that's all that it is.

I created a page several months ago and updated it yesterday without any issues on my system before I saw the Google results today. For now, I plan on keeping it unless I see something more concrete than vague virus warnings. My computer is firewalled so I'll know if anything attempts to connect to the internet. I also check my task manager throughout the day whenever I'm on the computer. So, I will know if something is wrong very quickly. However, I would like to ask a couple of questions.

Has anyone used uStart and have you had any problems?

Do you know of any alternatives to Yahoo or uStart that have similar capabilities?

Thanks in advance.


Are you still using What is your experience with this site?


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Yes, I'm still using it. It's a great, no-ad (and no virus) experience. I have tons of RSS feeds all over the page including one from PF. The feeds update every few minutes giving me the latest news. I haven't missed Yahoo at all. :oldsmile:

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