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Goodbye Yahoo, hello virus?

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    My Yahoo is changing their site to the point that, after 12+ years, I have decided to leave. After many searches for a replacement, I finally ran across a site called uStart.org that has much of what I had with Yahoo. My concern is that a Google search on uStart returned a lot of hits about it being a virus. From what I read, it sounds like there is a toolbar addon on the internet that is the real culprit and not the site itself. I never install toolbars so I'm not too concerned if that's all that it is.

    I created a page several months ago and updated it yesterday without any issues on my system before I saw the Google results today. For now, I plan on keeping it unless I see something more concrete than vague virus warnings. My computer is firewalled so I'll know if anything attempts to connect to the internet. I also check my task manager throughout the day whenever I'm on the computer. So, I will know if something is wrong very quickly. However, I would like to ask a couple of questions.

    Has anyone used uStart and have you had any problems?

    Do you know of any alternatives to Yahoo or uStart that have similar capabilities?

    Thanks in advance.
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