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Google AdSense

  1. Oct 23, 2005 #1
    So I finally put some ads from Google on my page to try to generate revenue and people have clicked them, but no money is in my account. None, $0.00. Does anyone that's used this before know why this is? I only ask at this site because I know that this forum uses Google Ads. Any help is appreciated.

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    Maybe they add it up after a month? Drop them an email.
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    Are they PSA ads?
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    Sorry, I don't know what PSA ads are. They are the same kind of ads as this site, generated by content.They are per click ads, so I figured that I'd get a couple of cents per click, but nothing yet.
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    PSA: Public Service Announcements?
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    Sorry, like dduardo suggested it is Public Service Announcements. They are ads that google puts up by default if google can't match ads for your site or if google hasn't checked out the page yet. How long ago were the clicks? Google usually updates every few hours. Are there registered clicks and no money or no registered clicks and no money, but you know people have clicked on them?
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    I don't think they are PSA's. The are mostly about calculus help, etc. as my site is a math forum. On my Ad Sense account with Google, it says there are 276 page impressions and 0 clicks! But I know this to be untrue because I know people that have clicked them. So there are no registered clicks at all! It says I need to submit my tax information before payment, but I thought this wouldn't affect the money on the account, only when they will pay me.

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    How long have you had the ads up?
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    Hmmm.. maybe a week. But I'm positive they've been clicked.
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    Do you know the amount of pages and time your site has been spidered by Google? If not, how long has your site been up (with and without ads)?
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    My site has only recently been searchable on Google. Without ads, it's been up maybe 3 weeks and with ads about a week. But I don't see how that affects me getting money when people click the ads. I'm positive they've been clicked.
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    Its probably cause your site has not been properly and fully spidered yet, email Google's support about it.

    Here's a warning too: Do not tell people to click the ads, and don't make it a daily rotuine to click them, Google's very sensitive about this. They acctually stopped services on mine because I created a spider on my server and another one and the spiders kept following the ads which made it look like I had bots clicking them. Bad idea there.
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    Google is extremely sensitive to click fraud. If the IP of the clicked ads is close to the IP that is used to check your account or if a user has clicked ads repeatedly with an IP then it's very likely google has voided the clicks.
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    Thanks guys, I haven't tried to exploit the system yet and I'll make sure my friends don't either.
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    Its that and more. For example every computer and network has a DNS assigned by your ISP. Mine is pcp08540242pcs.wchstr01.pa.comcast.net ... This tells ISP, geographical and god only knows what else that can get out of it, but say my neighbors is pcp08540243pcs.wchstr01.pa.comcast.net and both of us click an ad 2 times, that can get us banned cause our DNSs are so similar.
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    I'll be really carefull. Just FYI, the clicks have actually generated some revenue, around $2, I just didn't get to the right page before. I wonder how long it will take me to raise the $180 for a VBulletin liscense?
  18. Oct 24, 2005 #17
    Eh i wouldnt count on it being anytime soon
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