Google and English

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    It seems google has accepted that some people can not spell, with its
    intuitive search it will suggest an alternative to an unknown term, this
    made me wonder if we even need to spell correctly, as long as people
    understand what one has written.
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  3. honestrosewater

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    shur, yoo kan probublE mAk sens uv this bEkuz I am yoozing thu wurdz prOnunsEAshunz too gId yoo.
    'Sure, you can probably make sense of this because I am using the words' pronunciations to guide you.'

    hajdi;]ehnj seir54sbnes hveshg]2reihsgrroej34/iqworc erijsc.
    'But apparently, our brains can only leap so far.'

    We need to have some standards in order to communicate. I'm not sure that the current state of our writing system is the best option, but wuduyugunudoo? You're already making your own contribution to English spelling, wolram. Slowly but Shirley. :smile:
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