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Calculators Google calculator with units

  1. Jul 2, 2004 #1
    Google has a neat calculator built into its search box. There is a good summary here:


    Copy and paste the following queries to see it work:

    Arithmetic operations:



    3*sin( 54 degrees )
    2*log ( e / pi )

    Complex numbers:


    Unit conversions:

    12 miles in kilometers
    2400 joules in btu
    34 degrees in radians

    And now, the coolest part: physics calculations with universal constants and automatic units manipulation:

    1 cm^2 * 15 feet per second in gallons per hour

    1 kg * speed of light ^2

    1/sqrt( permeability of free space * permittivity of free space )

    sqrt( 2e-7 N/m * 2*pi * 1 m / permeability of free space )

    ( ( gravitational constant * earth mass / ( 2*pi / day )^2 )^(1/3) - radius of earth ) in miles

    I know there are other tools out there that do this sort of thing (such as my TI-89), but having it on Google makes fun and easy to use for quick calculations.
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    Yeah that is pretty slick eh? You can also type in common equations and google will display a link to more information on it.
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    google has everything. :/

    http://www.google.com/jobs/lunar_job.html [Broken]
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    I have been using the Google calculator here on PF for a long time now. If someone asks a question like "how is the speed of light related to [itex]\epsilon_0[/itex] and [itex]\mu_0[/itex]" I will reply with something like this:

    I feel that this not only introduces the viewer to the Google calculator, it also helps him understand the relationship more numerically than symbolically. Altogether, Google's done us all a huge service.

    - Warren
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    Lately I've been wanting a Google currency converter, so I could enter queries like:

    25 GBP in USD
    10000 yen in USD

    et cetera. I know there are sites and programs that will do those conversions, but Google is just so darn convenient.
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