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Google Desktop Search

  1. Nov 8, 2004 #1

    Anyone here running Windows XP?

    I was wondering if the Google Desktop Search engine was impressive.

    Apparently this engine is only compatible on Windows XP systems.

    I have read that Microsoft intends to release their own version of a desktop search engine at the end of this year.

    http://desktop.google.com/screenshots.html [Broken]

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    Compared to the search functions XP itself has it kicks ass in my opinion. I've never even gotten the XP indexing services to work properly, but with this I've got no problem ... at least for me its better on all fronts.
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    Its too good, IMO, thus it 'can' make your PC totally insecure, so I wouldnt advise to install on a 'shared computer'

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    Why not, there's nothing you couldnt find with some advanced search over a network or a keylogger perhaps ? IMO i like GDS but i don't use it that much, but for those concerned about the CPU usage of it, i wouldn't worry, it indexes while the computer is idle ! It's quiet helpful, finds almost everything....
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    doubt it, how wouldnt you propose to look inside www https enabled email accounts via a advanced search over network? Maybe with a MITMA but not via any netbios hacks which I presume you are refering too

    yeh true and the rest!

    I also wouldnt advise you to install a key logger on your shared PC....

    The reason why I wouldnt advise you to install on a shared PC, is that unless you know how to lock your account down, ANYONE who can log onto the PC can look at snap shots of your WWW behaviour or even emails or documents that you have saved in your profile... Google Search is very good, too good for Windows and it highlights how crappy Windows deals with account bounderies.... anyway Just be warned
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    This is actually a problem .... I got it pretty easy to read other users account related info on a shared pc at work.
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    Um yeah, he did mean that its a problem.
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    Or a usable property making things ever easier .... was however pretty surprised how easy it worked even in this unexpected respect.
  10. Nov 9, 2004 #9
    Transparent Transmissions...

    Orion1 Experiment:

    Theory: Win95/98 platforms are completely transparent to WinXP systems with GDS (Google Desktop Search), (WinXP+GDS)

    Network a WinXP system with GDS via a shared network with a Win95/98 system.

    Are Win95/98 platforms completely transparent to WinXP+GDS?

    I was wondering if anyone here could attempt this 'experiment' to determine if this theory is accurate?

    It would seem that usernames and passwords on Win95/98 platforms have become little more than inconveniences for these platform users that actually use them, and not for anyone else using a shared WinXP+GDS platform with your system.

    http://blogs.pcworld.com/staffblog/archives/000264.html [Broken]
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    It looks kind of like Apple's "Spotlight" application.
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