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Google earth

  1. Mar 25, 2006 #1
    will someone who has google earth please go to
    1 deg 55'24.90"N
    157 deg 21'52.47"W
    at an altitude around 100 miles

    Do you see an underwater mountain the exact same size and shape as the island next to it? the two foot print shapes could be where god stood when he created the earth, but he would have had to have had two left feet. which would explain penguino.
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    The second i saw this thread i know i was going to be insulted in it. I just didn't know it would be the first post....
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    if I could find a way to do it sooner than post one I would
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    the earth has some pretty cool places. the eiffel tower looks a hell of a lot bigger than I thought it was. and there is a perfectly round island next to the forbidden city that I thought looked like a nice place to live.
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    nice job insulting pengwomano trib. I must say, Kudos. Good show.
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    Actually, that perfectly round island and hill right outside the forbidden city is pretty easy to miss when your actually there...I walked right by it and didnt notice it. It is surrounded by some pretty [not] nice places to live.

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    well I've now looked at every square inch of the earth and the coolest looking place has to be the eiffel tower.
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    I think that's a sign you've been watching too much figure skating. :biggrin:
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    The coolest places are in the in presence of beauitful women.
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    I hate it when I misplace islands. But I own so many, it happens to me a lot. :frown:
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    There's the title you know.
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    Go to 37° 14' 23.91'' and 115° 48' 45.46'' for a better view...(area 51) which also explains pengwuino's origins
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