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Google Foobar Challenge

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    Google has recently created a challenge to find new employees by having link appear in people's google searches saying "you know our language". This happens for people with large amounts of programming searches in their history.

    Read all about it: https://ello.co/pftio/post/-8bXK2nYAXM1v2wzGp9X5g

    You can also access the challenge by connecting to this ip:

    So try and test your 1337 computer skills in Python 2.7 or in java and hopefully you can have fun and learn something cool and new as well.

    GL&HF :D
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    Pretty interesting. But what if you know the language so well that you don't have to Google it anymore? :oldtongue:
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    I've done about 5 of these so far. Cool problems.
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