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Google GMail Problem

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    Hey guys

    I'm having problems accessing my Google GMail account while running my firewall. When I have my firewall loaded (ZoneAlarm), I try to log-in to my GMail account (which I know uses JavaScript, if this matters) and I get a screen saying "Loading.." and then the word disappears, and I just get a white page because the Google GMail page fails to load (but I don't get a server error, it is just the page not displaying fully). I think this is a JavaScript issue maybe? Because as soon as I close my firewall, GMail works fine.

    Any clues? :-)

    Incidently, does anyone have a GMail account invitation left over?
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    Ok, I found this solution online, it worked for me:

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    i am having the same problem except i don't have zone alarm running.
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    Zone Alarm is horrible. Get Outpost or Tiny.
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    Why is ZoneAlarm horrible, and why are the others better?
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    Well, you have given absolutely no reason for us to believe what you have claimed. I would put infinitely more trust into PCWorlds article, than your claim which is backed up by absolutely nothing.
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    It was actually in their magazine, on an annual article they've been doing for 22 years.

    Their panal of judges are certainly more qualified than most people here. And like mentioned before, you have yet to give a reason for your comments.
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    I hate to contribute to the derailing of this thread, but I can't resist responding. I have to agree that ZoneAlarm is lacking in the security department. Here are several reasons:
    -It takes up resources on the host computer.
    -It runs on the same computer it's protecting. (Opens up problems such as virus disables software then takes over connection).
    -It's bloated. What's with all these http://images.six.betanews.com/screenshots/1023106281-1.jpg [Broken]? Just protect my computer without the bloat. (Again, this leads back to problem one. Resource hogging).

    If you want a serious firewall create a dedicated firewall such as Smoothwall (http://www.smoothwall.org). This eliminates all of those issues and is much more secure. Oh, and I forgot to mention it's open source and therefore free. This also means you can customise it to fit your needs. In fact there are MANY homebrew customizations for this firewall making it VERY flexible.

    As for the Gmail problem, that happens to me sometimes too (even without zonealarm) at seemingly random times. But give them a break, it's still in the beta stages.
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    Spymac offers a 1GB account for free, no invitations needed, and no bots that read your mail as in Gmail.

    hbar, smoothwall is a network firewall requiring a dedicated machine to run on, it is not a personal (desktop) firewall.
    Personally, I use Kerio Personal Firewall. It is also freeware, and I have never had any problems with it. Last year it was tested Best Firewall in c't, Germany's foremost PC magazine.
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    yup, that's what I said
    That's exactly why it eliminates all of those problems. I'm running it right now and it's protecting all 5 boxes on my network plus a webserver in the DMZ.
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    Your answer is not applicable for people with a single non-networked PC only.
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    No one ever asked for a solution that only works with "single non-networked PC." My claim still stands that there are better options than ZoneAlarm, such as Smoothwall.
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    It's funny that you consider ZoneAlarm's graphics as bloat, but the fact the other firewall takes up an *entire pc* isn't bloat?
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    I also got the loading page after which it would blank. What I did is search for gmail with the google cache. And there is says that my version of my browser (at work) was not up to date and that I needed to follow the link and download a newer one. It worked fine after that.
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    Give you a hint which I think may be the main reason...(I said may, not should or would) (smile)
    Go to your tools--options if your browser is IE/Fox, then Connecting Settings, and then just click "Direct Connection to the Internet", things would be fine then..(:tongue2:)
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    Bloat is different that how much resources a firewall takes up. I consider "bloat" to be unnecessary items (i.e. the graphics). SmoothWall is a very stripped down version of linux. It has a custom kernel compiled specifically for it and has all unnecessary programs taken out of it. So, SmoothWall actually has almost no bloat. Also, sacrificing a single PC for my entire network is no loss to me.
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