Google hacks people computers

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Do you know why whenever I come to, does always establish a connection to my computer, I see this when i netstat on cmd

Thank you
Can any guru check this out and tell me if google controls all ?
Your Ip needs to be known to the sites you visited, that's why you will see "established" when you 'netstat', this especially only happens just right at the time you are loading the page, there is not anything that should be much concerned.
About real hacks by some google's employees, I don't know, but hackers are always around..
thank you
P.S by the way, I took a look at the 'blockers', it says 'you are now safe to surf the internet'.
Persefone said:
thank you
P.S by the way, I took a look at the 'blockers', it says 'you are now safe to surf the internet'.
To clear up something I believe you might have misunderstood even in another post of mine in academic and career guidence forum, I have also come to to have a look around and I hope I am wrong , that there seems to be some google's program(s) running all the time if I don't mask my proxy.
As a note for all students or any newbies who don't appear to know about this, if you are trying to reach especially its discussion board with an IP address from your organization and your privacy is not anything important at all, feel free to move your mouse around on that site and enjoy technical comments, otherwise I highly advise you to mask your proxies as an anonymous and change it all the time...Also, turn off your plug-ins and javascript enable option in your browser, and again it will as always be much better to not use IE even when you already turn off activeX control option in its advance settings...

By the way, ignore the guy whose words you called 'junkie' in one of your other posts. If s/he wanted to read users' private information, how could you change it ? I agree that guy sux !

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