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Google Local, is it the best?

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    In all the websites that offer a "local" service to find businesses near you I think that Google has the best. They have this satellite option that allows you to see clear images of buildings. I am sure you can spot your house with this thing once you zoom right it.

    Though this is not real-time do you thing this service can be a bad thing for criminals?
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    I agree that, as usual, Google has outdone its competitors (in this case, Mapquest and Yahoo!) with maps.google.com and local.google.com. I have, in fact, located my house on the satellite photos.

    I don't quite see how it could be a "bad thing" for crime, though.

    - Warren
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    In the US, most counties provide aerial photographs of both residential and commercial property and the photos are much more close up than what you get on google. Also, anyone can find my address and get my name, see how much I paid for my house, what my taxes are, how much of my tax bill is paid year to date, what my current property appraisal is, and more.
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    scholar.google.com has also got the librarians worried that it might take their jobs--at least thats what the librarians said when I worked in the librarry
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    I don't see how because doesn't Google Scholar just give a screenshot of a page in the book (or something like that)?
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    not when your in the library. you can gain access to many of the journals you find.
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    Scholar searches journals and such, and it only returns addresses. I think you're thinking of Print.
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    Thanks for the correction I was confusing the two. It's print that lets you look at a page or two in a book.
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