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Google spell checker

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    I thought i wood try the Google FireFox toolbar spell checker for forms. Lets sea if it works on forums to. I used too copy and paste into ant email then spell check it. Maybe I know longer need to do that....:biggrin:
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    :rofl: Is this supposed to be a joke?
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    Besides the google spell check in the ff toolbar, the spell check in the normal search feature works very well.
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    I used to copy and paste into MS Word to spell check, but now I use the Google spell check.

    Using the normal search feature only works if you want to check the spelling of a specific word. It won't help you if you just want to scan your text for unnoticed spelling mistakes.
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    I use the google toolbar spell check frequently, works fine. I also use IEspell, that may not work so well in firefox. :smile:

    edit: I have recently switched computers at work.. I no longer have a browser spell check.. So... expect some misspelled words!
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    I tried the spell checker, but it didn't know the difference between "eye of newt" or "hair of goat". Seemed useless.
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