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Google Tools

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    Google Tools....

    I want to know if PF forum members regularly use:

    Google, alerts... http://www.google.com/alerts" [Broken] and if getting e-mailed links has helped you find or research information (Note: to busy college students...), or to keep abreast of breaking news ?

    Have you tried, Google, Squared ? http://www.google.com/squared/search?q=physicists" [Broken]

    I have found google alerts useful for me. The trouble in weeding out meaningless alerts versus good ones is worth the trouble. Sometimes with a real gem. For instance, with a link to a recent talk given by Frank Wilczek, Nobel Prize winner in 2004.

    Any examples of what google alerts has done for you ?

    P.S. Don't try to embed google searches into documents, post them, and expect them to work, the Google thought police won't allow it. They must be afraid of denial of service attacks. It is a shame too, because Google harvests about 40% more links than it's next closest rival (Yahoooooo), who's links "do work" when embedded in document files.

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    Re: Google Tools....

    From PC Magazine 12:08:09 by Mark Hachman:
    originally posted to: AppScout

    http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2356786,00.asp" [Broken]


    "Basically, think of Goggles as object recognition, but with your phone's camera serving as your eye."


    "Goggles can perform facial recognition, but it hasn't yet found a business case that would justify it, according to a product demonstrator who didn't identify himself. Although an obvious solution would be tagging, Google is still wrestling with how permissions would work and who would be allowed to tag photos, he said."


    "At this point, Goggles appears somewhat rudimentary. But it represents what Vic Gundotra, vice president of engineering for Google, called "an eye to the cloud": By combining the camera of a smartphone. with the vast cloud-based search, recognition, and contextual databases available to Google, Google has added another dimension to its search inputs."

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    Re: Google Tools....

    I just got the Droid and have been testing out Google Goggles, it works pretty good. I wonder if it will help me with the "Wheres that Landmark" thread... :devil:
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