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Google's latest approach

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    Many websites use Google ads, even PF does.

    Usually this includes a block with different areas to click on. It used to be the case that when there was a click area the mouse over icon, usually a finger pointer, would be enabled so that web users are warned that this is a clickable area. and they can decide freely if they want to go to the link or not.

    Lately however there is a newr version (not yet in PF forums), now in between the ads the mouse over indication stays of. So now every time a web user clicks, in the understanding that he just positions the mouse to for instance do some scrolling the link gets activated even if he never intended to do so!.
    And thus more revenue for Google and probably more upset advertisers.
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    ... and more adsense revenue :tongue2: ?
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    Isn't it still obvious that it's an ad? I don't know if I even pay attention to the pointer changing, but the cat has occasionally clicked ads for me while jumping across the keyboard or playing with the mouse, and I just hit the "back" button or close the window it opens. Not sure why an accidental click would do anything for anyone.
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    This is very likely a browser effect and not anything to do with google. I've heard no news on this nor seen any option for it and I am using the most current code for adsense.
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    You're kidding? Sniper kitty plays with your computer mouse? Too funny :rofl:
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