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Gooseneck tube guidance

  1. May 10, 2015 #1
    Where does one buy long stretches of gooseneck tube??
    Need lots of it to create complex structures made of strands of interconnected gooseneck.

    BR-LPlrg.jpg Need help to identify the receptacle socket for this threaded ball joint.
    I plan on having some kind of universal termination at both ends on each gooseneck length.
    The idea is to be able to swap ends between : ball pin(as in picture), simple threaded rod end
    and a quick plug connector to allow joining(and releasing ) two gooseneck lengths into one longer length.

    Existing Garden hose connectors offer the type of ease I would like to mirror in joining gooseneck tube.
    Clip in, clip out...

    Imagine the tubes being goosenecks ....need a fast and reliable way to achieve similar freedom of sliding to a desired point on a gooseneck images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSC1D48hwKue_kawo4QCmhMnx8UMzF-3t2nIZNNp8s96FOzc-jmAw.jpg . . I am seeking to achieve structures such as these by sliding some kind of clamp/connector dynamicly along the lengths of individual branches...that way I could add strength stability and different gripping attachment methods(again imagine the glass being gooseneck tube and branch joints would then have to be some kind of easy, fast release stuff to allow sliding...)

    EtienneMeneau-StrangeCarafe-No5-clear.jpg dezeen_Amass-by-Benjamin-Hubert_4.jpg


    The above is for illustration purposes of branching out the gooseneck tube. Its the kind of networked systems that I seek to build dynamically and the engineering bit I need guidance with please.
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