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Gore-Tex Properties

  1. Nov 5, 2009 #1
    I know this isn't in the usual template, but i have a big problem! I opted to do a piece of physics coursework on Gore-Tex, which I have since found to be expanded polytetrafluoroethelene (ePTFE). The bulk of my presentation needs to be on gore-tex's properties, but i have found it impossible to find any mechanical data e.g. stress/strain graphs, youngs modulus, hardness etc. If any of you have any idea where to get this data, or (hopefully!) know it yourselves, then please could you help? If it helps, the pores in gore tex are 8-10 microns across. Thanks, Jack
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    It will depend on the exact material (they make 1,2 and 3ply for different clothes) but basically you can just use the properties of PTFE (the holes aren't going to change the properties much) you would need to know the thickness of PTFE used for the particular garment
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    I would be doing it on the two ply. Is there any chance you could reccomend a good website to find the info on? Thanks, Jack
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    You might as well go straight to the source: http://www.gore.com/" [Broken]
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