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    I have a dozen very nice solar lawn lights that I'd like to convert to AC power. The conditions, both solar exposure and temperature here in Wisconsin mean that these things run out of juice before the morning. Sure seems like it shouldn't be rocket science to convert to AC power.I found some LED lights at http://www.plasmaled.com" [Broken] which i thought i could use. Any other tips?
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    I'm not sure why you'd want to change the lamps. Wouldn't it be more practical to just replace the solar arrays and batteries with a hard wired source from a properly matched power supply?
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    If you just want to use the exterior components of the lights, i.e. the pretty stuff, I'd look at just buying a low voltage lighting set transformer and cable. The transformer knocks down the 120VAC to about 12 VDC. The low voltage wire is cheap and really easy to run. Depending on how many lights and the power draw, you can get away with a pretty inexpensive transformer.
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