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Got an offer from HKUST! Should I attend?

  1. Jan 3, 2014 #1
    I just got an admission and scholarship offer from HKUST International Enrichment Program. It is a four year program which gives BSc degree. I am interested in maths and physics and will probably go into research. Should I accept my offer? How good is this university in terms of quality of teaching and research opportunities? I have applied to other universities in UK and USA but they give out offers in march and april. I have to accept my HKUST offer till 20th January.
    Their website link is this http://science.ust.hk/education.html
    Do you know anyone who I could talk to about HKUST? Facebook or email would be great.
    Also HKU and cambridge will give out offers in january so should I wait for them?
    Thank you.
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