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Got guts?

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    A prime number is a positive ineger greater than 2 whose only integer divisors are itself and 1. A Mersenne prime in of the form 2^(n) - 1 where p is a prime. For example 2^(5) - 1 = 31 is a Mersenne prime. One of the larger Mersenne prime is 2^(216091) - 1. Estimate the number of decimal digits in this number.

    Please post your explanation and your answer. No this problem needs no calculus. Got guts[?]
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    Okay it's not my job to do your homework, so I will only give you a few pointers:

    The -1 is unimortant to your estimate, so ignore that for the minute:

    You can then construct this equation:

    2^(216091) = 10^x

    From here it should be very easy to solve.
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    Kiddo: this is not my HW

    This is not my homework. LoL this is a "challenge problem" they give in my college to exercise brain. I got the answer I just wanna see my asnwer is right. 72030
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    No your answer is wrong, look at the equation I gave again, you may of made a simple error.
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