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Got rejected for being an atheist

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    I just recently got rejected by this Christian girl. She said she couldn't date someone who did not follow God. What do you guys think? Kinda sounded like a lame excuse. (Hope this question is not against form guidelines)
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    It's no more lame than any other reason - such as a man only wanting to date women less than 200 pounds, a 40-year-old woman that that rejects anyone over 30 as being too old for her, a woman that only wants to date men, a woman that only wants to date women, a non-smoking woman that won't date a smoker, and, lamest of all, a woman that only wants to date people that aren't me.

    People usually like to date people that have similar interests to them.

    I, for one, probably wouldn't date a woman that rides a motorcycle, or a woman that doesn't like hiking in the mountains, or a woman that doesn't know how to use slide rules (admittedly, that last tends to seriously limit my dating life).
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    I think you're lucky.
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    I guess. I'm not that upset because I respect other people's beliefs and choices, but it seems like a one-sided respect in this case.
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    I guess it's a matter of personal preference. :confused:
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    It's always better to find out sooner than later, I hope she didn't hurt you.
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    Religion isn't a big part of your life, so it's not surprising you don't care what other people do with their religious life. Religion is probably a big part of her life, so it shouldn't be surprising that she does care what her significant other believes. I don't think there is any disrespect being given based on the facts in the OP.
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    You give a valid point too. I guess it wasn't disrespect. At least not on purpose.
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    Would that be HER religion's god or just any god in general?

    I'm an avid fan of Zeus and Hercules, does that count?
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    Imagine if you got with her. Then what? You can't even do anything ''fun''
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    Zeus sucks so does Posiedon...I like Hades better, but Metis is the best, well Prometheus is close but I prefer Metis...

    Don't like Heirakles (not much) too- Daedalus, Ullysses and Chiron are better IMO. But Heirakles is way better than Zeus.
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    You might be right: religious differences would be an excellent cover for the fact she had no interest in you. If she were interested, I'm thinking she'd have agreed to a date provided, say, you went to church with her or at least agreed to read some Bible or some pamphlets. In that way, she could rationalize her interest in you to her co-religionists, by claiming she was actually trying to convert you.
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    Lucky you.
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    Oh Jesus, you couldn't have just lied a little while, you know, for at least a few times?
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    mmm...I thought Jesus wasn't supposed to lie?
  18. Oct 24, 2013 #17
    I couldn't lie about something that's important to her.
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    Tell her you're your own God.
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    Perhaps you should just accept that when it comes to the most intimate relationships people involve themselves in, it is perfectly legitimate for them to FEEL comfortable, including about their partner's metaphysical stance.
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    Use your positive karma to reject your next love interest over her not believing in the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
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