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News Gotta love 'em

  1. Jul 14, 2004 #1
    The Czechs and Poles are looking forward to the placement of defensive missile bases/radar systems as partners in the US’s “Star wars” program. Welcome aboard!
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    Yay! Throw money at US defence contractors for a pointless system!
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    jimmy p

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    It does seem a little pointless. Isnt this system also supposed to be able to be used against missiles and stuff. Why would the Czech Republic and Poland invest in something when they arent in much danger of war or alien attack?? Maybe it is because they have joined the EU recently and are pressing for more say in world matters.... eg. heading for the UN or something. Or NATO.
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    weird... wonder what benefits that could possibly provide?
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    What the hell was bush thinking when he threw away the ABMT?! Why do we need an SDI system now that the freaking cold war is over?!
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    To guard against an alien invasion.
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    SDI defends against intercontential ballistic [nuclear] missles. Not nuclear devices in general.
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    Bit off topic but I guess this is the right thread though!

    Apparently the US is also upgrading South Africa's army as well as those of a couple other African countries.
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    The beginnings of another Al Qaida, no doubt. 'Act in haste, repent at leisure'. Can't these guys think ahead?
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