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News Government based on skill instead of number

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    http://www.technocracyinc.org/periodicals/digest/320/whats-so-hard.html [Broken]
    I like this Idea, I think a government based on skill instead of numbers would be a very interesting prospect.

    Any thoughts?
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    Giving socialism a new name will not make it work.
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    That is not what a technocracy is. That is socialism. A Technocracy is ruled by the technical elite (scientists, engineers, i.e. technocrats). Now while I might find that a pleasant idea, the majority of people, being less than intellectually gifted, would be second-class citizens under such a system, so it would never succeed, class warfare problems. That was one thing Marx had right. No strictly stratified social system can survive long-term becauseof class warfare.
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