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Government -> Good or Bad?

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    Government ----> Good or Bad?

    Let's take a look at Government from the natural desires point of view. Is Government necessary for the fulfillment of all ones natural (good) desires? Such as health, protection, etc.?

    I used to think that an Anarchist state is the most natural state we can live in, as you would basically observe such ungovernered, through oppression and authority, states in nature. Then I took a closer look at the needs and differences of humans from other animals, and I concluded that a Government is, in fact, necessary in order for one to achieve happiness, in the sense of all ones naturals desires being met.
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    I'm not so sure all those 'natural desires' ought to be met...
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    Natural desires are all those desires that are good, in those natural desires you will find eating and such. In the sense of the word I am using all the natural desires don't have to be met, but for happiness they ought to be met.

    EDIT: Bad desires are wants, natural desires are needs, in a nutshell.
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    because the notion of 'good' you speak of is subjective, well, you can see what happens just by observing the politcal machines; One group against another trying to impose there own "authoritarian allocation of values" (to borrow a semi-famous quote) on their fellow man.
    It's the story of the human race, pretty much.
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    Something from a Stuck Mojo song called "Declaration"

    Check out all the lyrics.

    http://www.modernrocklyrics.com/S/stuckmojo_declarationofaheadhunter.php [Broken]

    I think the ideas behind government are good. But like anything that works perfect in theory, there are always problems when applied.
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    I would also point out that an anarchist state covers "bad" impulses as well. You could kill a man out of anger, spite or jealousy- still only fullfilling your impulses, and not be punished for it.
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    This is what I realized once I began to think of wants and needs and desires and such.

    A perfect form of government, perhaps government in definition, is what I am addressing, of course government will become oppressive and power will cause many problems. Power is a 'bad desire' and it intervenes with good desires, so a power-hungry government isn't the form I speak of.
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    I believe the only perfect government would be a true democracy(and I don't mean the US) It would be one governed by the people equally, without a governing body, where everyone had an equal say, not one above anyone else. Of course not everyone would get thier way, but you know what they say:

    You can't please some all the people some of the time, Some of the people all of the time, but you can't please all the people all of the time.
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