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News Government officials that have been attacked by other government officials?

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    Most everyone knows about the duel Alexander Hamilton and AAron Burr got in. Today in American Studies we were going over the differences between the Senate and House of Representatives, and we learned that in the House of Representatives there's a limit on time alloted for speaking so that filibustering isn't used, because someone was actually shot in the house for fillibustering for too long.

    Anyone else know any stories about government officials who have been shot/attacked by other government officials?
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    In 1856 before the Civil War, a Senator by the name of Preston Brooks brutally assaulted Charles Sumner, an abolitionist, with a cane. It took a year for Sumner to recover. Brooks was applauded by many in the south, decorative canes were given to him by various southerners in recognition and even has a city named after him (Brooksville in Florida).
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