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Government psychics

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    I seen, on a few programs, psychics who say they've been trained by the CIA many years back to become a psychic spy. They had a pretty convincing demonstration by one these psychics on some sci-fi show In Search Of or something. They told the psychic only the name of the person and within minutes he drew a perfect description of where that person was. Anyone else hear about these people?
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Yes, this is the remote viewing crowd.

    Not long ago I emailed the top ten sites for remote viewing. Included was Ed Dames - considered to be on of the kings of this field. In spite of my best efforts, he was aloof, hostile, and unwilling to provide any significant information or evidence. We did have on person named PJ stop by, and she was very helpful, but it seems that most remote viewers keep their demonstrations mostly private or for TV only. :wink:

    You may want to review the following thread that discusses all of this.

    https://www.physicsforums.com/showt...page=15&highlight=remote viewing&pagenumber=1
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    Yes its the remote viewing group. The government has released some of its documents on its dealings with remote viewing. The only project that i am definate that they conducted was 'Project Stargate' ... no this isn't the t.v. show. I wish i could give you more information, but i can't remember where i put some of my resources... ( my libary is a mess lol ) when/if i find it i'll see if i can tell you more. I do know that you can send a snail-mail letter to somewhere in the government and get a load of declassified information on the project, delivered to your door for the price of the paper and mailing... I hope this helps
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    Here is a url of a recent interview with the guy who founded the CIA? remote viewing project along with hal putoff, sounds a bit dodgy to me but I think hal putoff (which I think is more credible than this guy) endorses his hippy book. If it really has a any truth to it should change our way of thinking about the universe in a big way, maybe all those quantum physicists know something we dont already. Whatever I find this interesting.

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