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GPA = owned. Should I worry?

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    Well, I've never been too good with thermodynamics. AP Chemistry, General Chemistry and now in Calculus based Physics in college. It's just something I really can't grasp without some notes. The new stuff -> Optics has really made me worry. I was at a 90+%, but the sudden turn of events has really made me do poorly [being sick, difficult material and being overloaded with 4 difficult college classes].

    Later in this quarter of Physics just over my head. I understand the equations and how to apply them. But the questions on the exams are really about the proofs/derivations more than application of the tools given. So it's difficult; class average on the last mid term was 15 / 30.

    I have a feeling I might get a D or a C in this class... possibly an E. I'm extremely worried about my GPA taking a hit and not being accepted into a CEE program. Did anyone get into their engineering program with a low GPA?
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    I didn't run into this problem but if your not accepted into the major, it doesn't matter, you still take the courses required for your major, and get your GPA up so you then get accepted into it. Problem is, the more higher level courses the lower your GPA will get from my experience the courses get harder not easier, with the exception of calc 3 and Quantum Waves/Particals that class was insanely easy in physics i thought.

    A friend of mine wasn't accepted into the computer engineering major, so the next semester he took all easy courses, general electives, gym, etc, got his gpa up and was accepted.

    PS: If your talking about a GPA getting "owned" its proper to use the terminally pwnt over the internets, which I invented. thanks.
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    Series of tubes, correct?
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    so you got pwnd by some topics you think are too l33t for you. how much do you study right now? do you have any h4x?
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    if your getting pwnt via optics, and other courses. They are only going to get worse, are you trying? If you are giving it your best take less core courses and mix it up with some easy ones so your not bogged down or just take less credits.
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    Haha, actually; I've been studying and taking a lot of notes. =p, I can scan them and you can go through them to see if my thinking is correct.

    However, I really just... can't link my intuition and some of the equations together quickly enough. I study and try problems; spending hours just manipulating aimlessly with no purpose until I get the right answer.

    It's possibly because I haven't taken any physics prior to this haha. Jumping head first into Modern Science & Engineering Calculus Based Physics = o_O. Plus my math background right now is... I'm taking Calculus II; ready to take Calculus III next quarter. But it's recommended you take Calculus before Physics.
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    interesting, they make you take the whole calc I-III then you start mechanics/E&M/Quantum Waves/Thermo, etc?
    I took calc I concurrent with mechanics, then calc II concurrent with E&M, I don't see why you would need calc III to learn the concepts of Mechanics, perhaps your physics courses are more math based. e_e
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    Don't worry. Not everything is measure with numbers. Don't label yourself with a number. Creativity and imagination is something that can't be measured. I have a 2.47 GPA now and I use to worry and become mentally unstable if I gotten anything lower than a B+. It's when I started to realize that experience in the field you want to be in is far more important than letter grades (like research, actually co-op work in the field, etc.)

    I grew up in a family where anything lower than a B was considered a failing grade to my parents I was disciplined severely if I ever brought home (even on tests or homeworks). It started in 3rd grade when I began receiving letter grades instead of check pluses and minuses.

    My friend was on academic probation 3 times and got kicked out 2 times, mainly due to personally problems and extreme laziness. Yet he somehow manage to get back into the same college (2 times) and went ahead to grad school with a <2.35 GPA.

    I'm somewhat like you. I can't really grasp anything unless it has a practical use to it. I study and learn through examples and experiments. I can't read a paragraph of "theoretical" or abstract stuff. Unless it's really really interesting without loads of advance math.
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    Most model schedules for Civil Engineering is to take your Calc series and Chem series together. Then physics, statics, linear algebra, differentials etc.

    However my colleges Modern Physics for Engineering goes in this order: Mechanics - Pressure/Waves - Elec/Mag stuff.

    I'm taking Physics concurrently with Calculus. Right now, I am in Calculus II (Integration) learning Physics with Waves and stuff. Next quarter is going to be electricity and magnetism stuff. I don't know why, but it's weird.
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    calc 3 was also a pre-req for physics 1 and 2 for me.
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    Yeah, I don't understand how one could do mechanics or the other physics classes without having taken linear algebra and diff. eq.
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    well, I could understand how someone would be able to go through basic mechanics armed with only basic calculus 1, but E&M you need lots of vector calculus and DE.

    Also, DE is rather easy to learn on the spot. You don't really need a full DE course to do the DE in E&M and mechanics...same with linear algebra. So, you need to use these subjects in these physics classes, but it's not necessary to take the courses before taking the physics.
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    Yah in my physics classes, he would go over what we needed math wise, even though at the time we didn't realize it was Diff EQ or calc 3 material.
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