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GPA question for grad school

  1. Dec 21, 2009 #1
    I am currently a third year student at uchicago, and I have a question relating to grad schools and gpas.

    I feel like a jerk for throwing out my numbers, but it is relevant to my question. My cumulative GPA (including all sorts of non sciencey classes) is a 3.6, my physics only gpa is a 4 (to the nearest .1), my combined math and physics is 3.75, but my math only gpa is a 3.4.

    Now the thing is that I could have gotten much better math grades, but I chose to take the hardest math courses (very theoretical analysis and algebra) offered at my school for my year, and in those classes, I've gotten many Bs.

    I'm wondering how graduate schools will look at that. Would MIT for instance see a 3.4 math gpa and throw my application out?

    I really appreciate advice you all can offer. Thanks!
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    How good's your research?

    MIT says that they don't have a minimum, which is always promising and means they probably won't throw you out for a less then perfect gpa in a non-major considering your major gpa is respectable. Sell the lower grades/more enriching courses angle on your personal statement/interview/recommendations/etc. They'll see the transcript and evaluate it as a whole.
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