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GPA vs. Major GPA

  1. Jul 25, 2009 #1
    Do grad schools weight your major gpa more than your total gpa? Or are they considered about equal?
    I read through a couple hundred profiles on physicsgre.com, people post their stats and where they got in. I noticed that almost everyone had a higher physics gpa than general gpa.
    What would schools think of a person who's general gpa is higher than their physics gpa? At my school the physics and math courses are a LOT harder than the more interesting gen. req. fulfilling electives, and I'm probably better at humanities than I am at physics (though physics is way more fun) so I'll probably end up with a significantly higher general gpa than a physics gpa. This is different than the trend I saw...will grad schools look at it negatively?
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  3. Jul 26, 2009 #2
    I had a good general GPA and a good, but not awesome, physics GPA. The physics GRE and research experience are what you should try to get down. Combine this with a good statement and good rec letters and you should be fine. But, probably the single most important aspect of your background is your physics GRE. You do really well on that and you'll get into good schools. Now, you probably have to have some research experience and you can't have bad rec letters or a bad GPA, but if everything is pretty average/good and you have a really good Physics GRE score, then you should be great for some really good schools.
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