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GPA Weighting at UF and FSU

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    I was reading about these colleges and was surprised to see that their average GPAs are in the same area as the admittants to Ivy league schools. The average GPAs are around 3.73 and 3.9. My question is how much are they weighted? Are the GPAs actually that high or are they just really weighted? Any other information about these schools would also be appreciated. Thank you.
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    Those I believe are unweighted. At least that's what I discern from my friend who goes to Harvard. FSU's GPA is not in the same league as the Ivy's.
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    Thank you, I hope so, it would be impossible for me to get a 3.73 or a 3.9 at this point. I know that they're weighted in some way because they show the 50% ranges on their website which exceed 4.0. Could anyone give me an idea of the average GPA of the students of either school before their GPAs are recalculated? Thanks.
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    Grade inflation at Harvard is atrocious. It is something that isn't really discussed much but from what I have gathered from friends who go there and other sources, getting an A in most courses is easier than it should be.
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