Gps based robot

  1. hi,
    for my project i want to control my robot using GPS system.could i get name of the things what is required to execute this.i have already built a robo now i need to embeded this with GPS .
    or, please tell me how to implement GPS.

    thanks in advance.
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  3. mfb

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    There are commercial GPS receivers, I would use one of those instead of constructing everything on your own. Just check which data connections they offer to read the position.
  4. berkeman

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    And keep in mind that GPS position data is only accurate to within 50 meters or so. You will not be using it for fine position data for your robot...

    Here is a module from Trimble:

  5. mfb

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    Relative positions should be more precise, and differential GPS (+$) can reach precisions of some centimeters.
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