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GPS + Zaurus

  1. Apr 11, 2005 #1


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    Ok Im thinking of getting Sysonchip CF Plus II GPS receiver w/ builtin 256 Mb memory
    for my Sharp Zaurus SL-5000D

    Now I got qpegps working and it seems I'd need about a half a million maps (~200 MB) for the trip. Has anyone ever gotten any other GPS mapping software working under opie for linux/arm? If anyone has Ipaq with GPS, what kind of software are you using?

    I might be able to get Familiar up and running on Zaurus, but thats not desirable. I'm currently using Open Zaurus 3.5.2 - do you have any suggestions as to the other kinds of software I could try that use vector mapping and have a full capability of finding address on the map (sort of like MapPoint or MS Streets & Trips - the space isnt a concern). It need not be freeware
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