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Gr.11 friction

  1. Mar 24, 2004 #1
    How do I calculate the static coefficient of friction using the equation tanè = µ when I only have the mass and angle?
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    that was suppose to be a tan theta thing but it came out as a funky e. just to clear that up so u not confuzzled
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    You just said how

    [tex]\mu = tan(\theta)[/tex]

    [tex]\mu[/tex] is the coefficient of friction. [tex]\theta[/tex] is the MAXIMUM angle an object can be on a slope without slipping.

    I could prove it for you but I really do not want to do that right now.
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    thanks that reeaaallllyyyyy helps <--- sarcasm
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    Just curious, but why did you ask how to do it then post how to do it?
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    I didnt, you boob
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