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GR Approximation for PSR 1913+16

  1. Jun 26, 2007 #1
    I came across a fairly simple General Relativity related formula the
    other day that calculates the precession rate for the binary star PSR

    I have seen some pretty complicated methods for PSR 1913+16 before,
    but not this one, so I thought I would bring it up to anyone else that
    it might be new for.

    The following mass, apoapsis and periapsis values were gathered from:

    Average mass m = 1.414*1.98892e30 = 281233288e22 kg
    Apoapsis distance a = 1576800e3 m
    Periapsis distance p = 373300e3 m
    Average radius r = (a + p) / 2 = 975050e3 m
    Eccentricity e = 1 - p/r = 0.617148
    Average velocity v = sqrt(Gm/r) = 438713 m/s

    GR precession in orbits per orbit n = 3*G*m/(r*c^2) / (1 - e^2) = 1.03767e-005
    Average circumference C = 2*pi*r = 6126419834 m
    Average combined orbit time t = 2 * C/v = 27929.1 s

    Precession in degrees per year:
    del = n*360*(365/(t/(24*60*60)))
    del = 4.21806

    If you have any citations for this method, I would greatly appreciate any information that you could pass my way. Thank you.

    - Shawn
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