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GR: Black Hole - Electrical Charge

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    A GR? Does Acceleration or Gravity affect the force of electric charges?

    Example: Material is forming a Black Hole
    Heat is creating a ‘Cosmic Wind’ – that is blowing less dense matter away while denser matter is being favored for forming and enlarging the Black Hole.
    And material is made up of positive Ions of very Dense make up, but Negative Ions are not dense, So their “fluffiness” is preventing them from going in.

    Will the Black Hole acquire a “Positive” charge; Can the force of that charge be able to reach out of the black hole, start to push away more + ions, and overcome the ‘wind’ on the - ions: Thus keep it in a more neutral charge, avoiding an increasing charge.?

    Experiment is our solar system:
    A Large heavy plate is supported by insulated struts capable of measuring the weight of the plate without significant displacement of distance over another large plate.
    On earth the weight is 150 lbs when a measured charge is applied that lowers the weight to 140 lbs. Repulsive charge is supporting 10 lbs of the weight.

    Taking the experiment to Pluto, our Moon, and Jupiter will give weights very close to 10 lbs, 25lbs, and 380lbs. When the same charge is applied should we expect the same 10 lbs change. Or should gravity have some small affect on power of charge to repel?

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    Charge is one of the few properties that isn't destroyed by black holes (the other two are energy and angular momentum). This is a statement of the so called "no-hair" theorem.

    In any situation, charge is conserved. It is one thing for acceleration to affect the field due to a moving charge (yes) and another thing for the acceleration to affect the magnitude of charge (no, charge is strictly conserved)
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    Thanks - I guess at least some information can get out of a Black Hole.

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