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GR Dust Cloud

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    I am sure to those of you who know GR this will be a simplistic question.
    I can only hope there will be a simplistic and definitive answer :-)

    Assume a dust cloud of radius=5 and a mass =mc
    ANother equivalent mass of condenced matter md=mc
    with a radius=1
    What would be the relative gravitational conditions at a distance r=20 wrt each of these masses???
    In general terms without the need for specific quantification.

    The same question in another context.
    A star collapses to a black hole; Assuming no mass loss in the collapse what would be the gereral effects outside the original precollapse radius or would there be??

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    No effect. The Schwarzschild solution does not assume a particular distribution of matter, only spherical symmetry. Then it calculates the curvature in the vacuum outside that distribution of matter.
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    Thanks DaleSpam Couldn't have asked for a simpler or more definitve an answer.
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