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GR equations

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    I guess first let me ask if I’m correct – I think along the way I saw or heard that Einstein’s general relativity equations are similar to Maxwell’s electromagnetic equations.

    I’ve had electromagnetics (as an electrical engineer) not electrodynamics. I would like to see the general relativity equations used in some examples. Regarding GR – the most I’ve seen is stuff for the “lay-person” verbal explanations and algebra only.

    I have surfed your “Math and Science Learning Materials” hoping to find a college course on-line with some pdfs showing the equations – no luck.

    Am I correct that the equations for GR are “similar” to Maxwell’s?

    Any suggestions on some examples / resources at this level – to show the Maxwell-like equations and explain them with an example or two?

    (does this even make sense or did I dream these GR equations like Maxwell's?)
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    The GR equations resemble Maxwell's equations only in a special limiting case (linearized GR). See chapter 15 of "Relativity" by Wolfgang Rindler for a discussion and examples.
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    You could try this: http://www.lightandmatter.com/genrel/
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