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GR PhD Advice

  1. Nov 19, 2013 #1
    Hi all, wondering if I might have some advice. I would like to study for a PhD in GR. First things first

    1. What would people recommend as a complete book on GR? By complete I mean one that serves as an intro then goes above and beyond, ideally no more than £20!

    2. Does anyone have any institutions (in the UK) that they would recommend? I'm aware the GR bubble has burst somewhat.

    3. Does anyone have any area of GR they would suggest as being a good area to go into? My favorite is black holes (I'm aware this is a bit vague...). I would be happy to go into either physics or math, but would prefer math (so theoretical physics if anything one imagines) but would also be interested in some numerics (I have seen some titles "Black Hole Accretion Disks" and one to do with orbits of a binary system of black holes, with app. to gravitational waves, a priori these seem really interesting!)

    Heres my background; just graduated with an MSCi degree in mathematics from Imperial College London, first class. Taken courses in GR, SR and electromagnetism, geometry of curves and surfaces, manifolds, Riemannian geometry and alegbraic topology (might be useful). My masters project was on the riemannian positive mass theorem and the riemannian penrose inequality. I really enjoyed this, but it was more of a "heres the motivation from physics in the first chapter, rest is geometry" whereas for a PhD I would prefer GR to be the whole way through.

    I both look forward and appreciate any help you can give, thanks Tom

    note* i have looked into these things myself, I'm not being lazy! just would like to see what more experience and knowledgeable people think
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