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Courses Grad courses and so on

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    I want to know some things about grad studies:

    i) What does it mean "part time student" or "full time student"?. I am going to work as GSR, and I think it has to do with it, hasn't it?

    ii) How much free am I to choose the grad courses I want?

    iii) How many courses do you have to complete?

    iv) could I choose as many courses as I want?

    v) and what's "a unit"?. Is a unit a course, or is what in europe we call "credit"?


    I will have to discuss this stuff with my advisor, but I prefer to know something about what the hell he is talking me about.
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    afaik, it has to do with how many credit-hours you are taking. for example, in the state of florida, 12 or more credits (typically, four classes) is full-time for undergrads, fewer is part time; and 9 or more is full-time for grad students.

    other standards may apply to different school systems, though.

    yeah, definitely ask your advisor this stuff. some terminology and standards vary greatly from one school to the next.
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    That will definetely vary with whichever college you're in.
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